Contract Manufacturing

Uni-Caps LLc provides full range of contract manufacturing services for health and nutritionals. A manufacturer of softgel capsules, Uni-Caps LLC has developed strong relationship with our clients by providing the highest level of quality services and solutions.

Manufacturing Process
  1. Shell material Preparation
  2. Encapsulation
  3. Drying Process
  4. Printing
  5. Automatic Sorting & Inspection
  6. Packaging

1. Shell Material Preparation

1) Gelatin Melting Process

To ensure the best quality of encapsulation, we use state of the art large volume gelatin tank and the high quality gelatin.

2) Aging Process

Aging process is very important to keep the highest quality level of shell material.


2.  Encapsulation

For the best quality capsules in the market, we use the highly advanced machines and control programs.


3. Drying

To make perfect shaped capsules, we use 13 fast tumbling dryers in each encapsulation line.


4. Printing

As per clients request, we provide full range of printing services.


5. Automatic Sorting and Inspection

Not a single mistake is acceptable to us when it comes to Quality control. That is why we are using automated sorting and inspection systems for complete satisfaction.


6. Packaging
For the fastest delivery to our clients, we use automated packaging systems.