Uni-Caps LLC is a leading contract manufacturer in America with a state-of-the art-facilities compliance with GMP and highly skilled and experienced engineers. With highly skilled laboratory researchers and engineers who are industry experts and products that meet the highest standards, Uni-Caps LLC offers the flexibility, experience and facilities to deliver products of the best quality on time and within budget. We provide more than products and services to our clients; we provide end to end excellence and final Solutions.

Contract Manufacturing

Proudly Made in USA., Uni-Caps LLC conducts its contract manufacturing to assure consistent, efficient production, within short lead times to exceed our clients expectations. You can rely on to Uni-Caps LLC's high quality assurance level so that your soft gel capsules will be manufactured according to your specifications and the quality tests through-out the entire manufacturing process also will be performed at the best level.

Uni-Caps LLC turnkey facility and engineers are equipped and trained to provide the highest quality nutritional and dietary supplements available. We apply the most current research and technology in order to give the best solution to our clients for creating innovative products that exceed their production and development objectives, including custom orders and special requests.